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2014 - quality innovative solutions

Delta eSourcing is used for handling the full lifecycle of the tendering process from initial notification and publication of contract requirementsquality innovative solutions

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has recently deployed the Dynamic Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (DPQQ).

BiP Solutions has been successful in its bid to provide its Delta eSourcing service through the new eProcurement framework led by the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO).

2013 - quality innovative solutions

BiP Solutions Ltd is delighted to welcome Murco Petroleum to the Delta eSourcing community.

2012 - quality innovative solutions

Simon Burges, Chief Operating Officer of BiP Solutions, the providers of the UK’s leading business intelligence solution, Tracker, is proud to announce the next stage in the product’s evolution: Tracker Advance.

BiP Solutions – the leading provider of cutting-edge solutions and services that help optimise supply chain value – recently celebrated its contribution in ensuring that the promised community benefits of the Olympic Games in London were delivered. The Glasgow-based company commemorated their involvement with this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games by unveiling a statue of Union Flag Wenlock, an official Games mascot whose previous home was London’s Regent Park, at their HQ in the heart of Glasgow’s Creative Clyde district.


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