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BiP Solutions is structured so that the highest levels of cooperation and communication between its many teams can be achieved. The company has three Divisions – Business Intelligence, Global Services and Central Services.

With disciplines extending from sales and marketing through to IT development, customer support, finance and media, BiP is able to offer its customers and clients truly integrated services. As an employer, we are proud to offer a diverse range of opportunities for our current and future staffit services and solutions


Encouraging people at all levels in the organisation is vital to business improvement and all employees at BiP are invited to put forward ideas and suggestions to aid the development of our products, services and working practices. Teams within BiP Solutions include:

Business Intelligence Division

Content & Communications

Business Intelligence Research Team

The Business Intelligence Research Team consists of Researcher, Specialist and Analyst roles. The team is active between the hours of 6.30am and 10pm (day and evening shifts) to research, process and add value to the content that powers BiP’s business intelligence services such as Tracker, Tracker Spend Analysis, DCI and Market Intelligence.

The team researches information from thousands of sources in the UK, Europe and beyond, ensuring that BiP meets the specific needs of our customers. The team not only researches information but also adds value to it by coding and tagging it to make it more visible and searchable.

A developing part of the team’s remit is its analysis function, where it supports the sales and support functions by drilling down deeper into a customer's requirements in order to ensure they receive exactly the intelligence they require.

Communications & Proofing

The Communications team is responsible for the editorial content of publications such as the MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin (MOD DCB), which BiP publishes on behalf of the MOD. The team also manages all content on the Government Opportunities website () – the only website dedicated to public procurement, public finance and public service delivery in the UK.

The team also manages the National GO Awards and GO Awards Scotland events, which are held yearly, and creates and disseminates PR for the BiP product set and also for external clients.

Proofing are the guardians of content quality. Their vigilant approach ensures that the quality of the products and services our customers receive is not compromised by misspellings, faulty grammar or factual inaccuracies or inconsistencies.


The Distribution team ensures that mailings, magazines such as MOD DCB and Contrax and events packs leave Medius and reach their destinations on time. Mailings include BiP's own communications to customers as well as direct mail campaigns issued on behalf of teams such as Advertising and Events. In total, the team sends out around one million items each year. The Distribution team also manages and disseminates all electronic mailings on behalf of the Marketing and Events teams.

The team is responsible for printing Contrax Weekly and Contrax Weekly Ireland – the only paper-based contracts information publications of their kind – as well as other literature required for events. They also ensure that stock levels are correct and liaise with relevant company personnel to help them effectively plan their future promotional campaigns.



Marketing is responsible for ensuring that both public and private sector audiences are alerted to the products and services offered by BiP and our affiliates that are most relevant and beneficial to their organisations. The team operates across the Division, with each product and service owned by a Brand Manager who works to ensure that the brand is effectively promoted in all email, online and traditional paper-based campaigns and communications and at events across the country.

Marketing also plays an important part of the customer’s experience of our services, ensuring that customer feedback is gathered and acted upon and that new ideas for features and functionality are incorporated into product development.

Multimedia Design

BiP's Multimedia Design team sits within the Marketing function and is responsible for all of BiP’s online and graphic design. They are responsible for the look and feel of BiP’s core services such as Tracker and Delta eSourcing and deliver eye-catching and effective websites and promotional material for both internal and external clients – everything from magazines to promotional materials and yearbooks. The Multimedia Design team are also responsible for the production of online video content.

Media Solutions & Events

Media Solutions

The Media Solutions team maximises corporate advertising across BiP’s multimedia and events portfolio, including MOD DCB – the only official contracts information publication of the UK Ministry of Defence – and other publications. Increasingly, they are also responsible for exhibition and sponsorship sales for the annual conferences the company manages and hosts on behalf of affiliates and partner organisations such as the CBC, LCSG, Health Care Supply Association, MOD Defence Suppliers Service, NHS and the Scottish Government, as well as BiP’s Procurex National and Procurex Scotland events.

Events Management

BiP has a dedicated in-house Events Management team which arranges conferences, exhibitions, roadshows and seminars for the company’s own brands as well as our clients and affiliates. The team possesses an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience through actively promoting, managing and executing almost 200 events each year for organisations including the UK MOD, NHS, LCSG, CBC, Health Care Supply Association and the Scottish Government.


Tendermatch Sales & Customer Engagement Team

The Tendermatch Sales team are responsible for generating subscriptions to our Tendermatch products – Tracker, Contrax, Supply and DCI as well as MOD DCB. The team is focused on ensuring that customers are offered services that are appropriate to their needs and which maximise the opportunity to grow their business. The sales process is consultative and is based upon our in-depth knowledge of public procurement.

Customers also receive further support from our Customer Engagement Team who are responsible for ensuring that they get the most from their subscription and from other value adding BiP services such as Tracker Spend Analysis, Market Leads and Market Intelligence.


Global Services Division


Commercial is a robust and forward-thinking business development unit for BiP. The primary focus of its work consists of creating and developing new revenue streams; identifying and nurturing relationships with new business partners in the UK and beyond; identifying and leading on acquisitions; providing contract management services for BiP projects; and providing commercial guidance and support to internal stakeholders to add commercial rigour to our business activities.

Recent successful bids for the company include projects with the UK MOD, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, and the Governments of Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. Business development activities also often require the Commercial team to work closely with other departments within BiP, such as IT and Customer Services.

Commercial also manages a number of BiP project delivery teams, including the Olympic Delivery Authority and the Mayor of London’s Economic Regeneration Action Plan Buyer Engagement Teams, as well as further strengthening of the public procurement system in Montenegro and providing support to the public procurement reform in Kosovo.

Global Services Sales

The Global Services Sales team sells and promotes a range of procurement-related services. These include:

  • eSourcing portals and modular tools
  • eAuctions
  • Supplier Accreditation
  • Buyer and Supplier Engagement (BaSE)
  • Consultancy and Training
  • IT & Hosting Services
  • Community Portals


  • Delta eSourcing
  • Select Accredit
  • MOD DCO (buyer side)
  • CompeteFor
  • Procure4London

Professional Services

Our team of Customer Relationship Managers are the first line of contact for support and advice on the use of our range of eSourcing and procurement-related services and are committed to delivering the highest levels of service. The team is supported by first-class product knowledge coaches who deliver both internal and external training on the Global range of public sector services.


Central Services Division


Finance is responsible for producing the management accounts and all financial reporting across the business. This involves the preparation of budgets, variance analysis and balance sheet control and working closely with all departments, particularly revenue generating teams, in the analysis of income and expenditure. They also have responsibility for control of the purchase ledger.

Business Services

Business Support

The Business Support team provides an essential back-office function, supporting the company’s Business Intelligence and Global Services Divisions. This team comprises Sales Ledger, Business Administration and Customer Service helpdesk functions. The team is also involved in streamlining and improving internal and external customer processes, ensuring that BiP provides an efficient and effective service.

Credit Control

The Credit Control team is responsible for all cash collections within the business and the processing of debit and credit card payments. There is also a strong focus on debt recovery and the team supports all company departments, providing the highest level of service to both internal and external customers.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team works in partnership with the business to ensure all staff are appropriately and effectively engaged in the pursuit of the business’ goals and objectives. While dealing with all general Human Resources matters, the team is also responsible for co-ordinating the successful recruitment and effective induction of new talent to the BiP team. BiP also has a strong record of developing talent internally and Human Resources play a pivotal role in co-ordinating and driving BiP’s commitment to high performing teams and individuals and proactively promoting on-going coaching and mentorship throughout BiP.


BiP has a strong team of highly skilled in-house developers who undertake the design and development of BiP’s software products and solutions in accordance with BiP’s internal product roadmaps and external clients’ requirements. Working in close collaboration with their customers, they deliver innovative business intelligence and e-sourcing solutions into BiP’s own branded services and through customisations and bespoke developments for external clients.

As well as ensuring on-going 24/7 availability of BiP’s online services, the IT support team is responsible for product support and for the maintenance of BiP’s office and business infrastructure, which cuts across areas including but not limited to security (underpinned by BiP’s certification to the ISO 27001 standard), LAN and WAN technology, web hosting, telecommunications, and business continuity planning.


The Operations team is comprised of several functions including project management, data management and business analysis. Comprising fully qualified Prince 2 Practitioners, the project management team’s primary remit and highly successful track record lies in delivering both internal business-driven and external client-driven projects, while fully managing all stakeholder expectations throughout the entire project lifecycle.

With our data being one of BiP’s most valuable assets, the Data Management team plays a critical role in managing and maintaining those data to ensuring its integrity, robustness, cleanliness and quality assurance. The Data Management team also underpins the provision of critical management information and analyses, while directly supporting the business’ commitment to continuous improvement and quality management (as evidenced by BiP’s certification to the ISO 9001:2008 standard) through contributions to process review and change.

The remit of the Business Analysis function spans both product development activities and internal business process improvement. The function not only works closely with roles across Operations and IT, but also across the business and all relevant stakeholders, thereby bridging the gap between the operation Divisions and the IT functions.


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