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BiP Solutions provides public sector contracting authorities with a range of eSourcing services under the Delta eSourcing brand. Services include Supplier Manager,Tender Manager,Contract Manager andeAuctions.

Supplier Manager allows your organisation to quickly assess and qualify the best suppliers and negotiate the best value contracts. The Supplier Manager tool searches for suppliers using a variety of criteria including location, business activity and CPV code. In addition, you can create and manage online lists of staffing

Tender Manager enables public sector contracting authorities to create, manage and transmit contract notices electronically both to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and to BiP's business intelligence services. Tender Manager also enables the creation, management and transmission of below-EU threshold opportunities, including to services such as and the portal.

Contract Register is a module within Delta eSourcing’s Contract Manager tool and provides a central repository facilitating the registration, promotion and monitoring of an organisation’s contracts and agreements.

Forming an important part of the audit trail, Contract Register allows your organisation to demonstrate that it has adhered to legislative requirements regarding the tendering process. It provides buyers with data on which to plan, such as contract expiry dates and the resources required for re-tendering. It also offers the scope for achieving better value through the aggregation of requirements.

eAuctions allows buyers to save money by negotiating best value for public sector contracts. eAuctions offers efficient, transparent negotiations for either lowest price or most economically advantageous tenders as part of the full procurement process.

Delta eSourcing provides the assistance public sector contracting authorities require in order to meet the demands of current EC legislation and Government policy on the transparency of contracts information.

The widespread adoption of Delta eSourcing across the UK public sector has made BiP Solutions one of Europe’s leading eSenders.

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