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Consultancy Services - innovative it solutions bangalore

BiP Solutions’ experience and expertise makes it the ideal choice for organisations requiring specialist consultancy services within the procurement sector.

BiP has delivered consultancy projects on behalf of many UK public sector organisations and has extended its consultancy service to organisations outside the UK, including the European Defence Agency, the Ministry of Education in Kenya and the Governments of Kosovo, Montenegro and Portugal.innovative it solutions bangalore

BiP’s in-depth understanding of supply chains and capacity building initiatives has enabled it to become a leading provider of buyer and supplier engagement services, assisting all types of organisation in managing their procurement activities more effectively.

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BiP’s Procurement Advice and Support Service (PASS) is highly respected across the public and private sectors, and provides organisations with detailed appraisals and guidance on a wide range of procurement-related topics. PASS consultants offer unrivalled expertise in their field, and services range from simple procurement healthchecks to in-house procurement consultancy.

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