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BiP Holdings is the parent company of BiP Solutions, a global market leader in the provision of cutting-edge solutions and services that help optimise supply chain value.

BiP Solutions is well positioned in the public procurement marketplace. The UK public sector spends in the region of £238 billion each year on a wide range of requirements and the company's services help buyers to commission and procure in a way that is efficient, effective and compliant with legislationit services company


BiP’s long-standing experience and in-depth knowledge of public procurement makes it the natural choice for the provision of procurement services not only in the UK, but also in Europe and beyond.

BiP helps business-to-government (B2G) focused companies achieve a competitive advantage by delivering timely, comprehensive and actionable government procurement opportunities and information through a range of products and formats. More than 250,000 companies rely on our market-leading business intelligence services, which are tailored to meet suppliers’ industry-specific information requirements. These services help companies make intelligent business decisions and are valued by customers as an essential part of their sales and marketing toolkit. Our business intelligence services offer comprehensive coverage of all values of public and private sector contracts, from small, local requirements to multimillion-pound projects.

BiP also manages the electronic distribution and reporting of contract information for over 530 UK public bodies – including the UK MOD – and provides expert procurement-related consultancy to the public and private sectors. The company also provides procurement training and events management services.

BiP will continue to seek to acquire companies which are aligned with its strategic approach and will also expand on its commercial partnership programme. Through these initiatives, BiP will gain the ability to offer its services to an even wider audience.

In May 2012, BiP underwent a significant restructure in order to be better positioned to benefit from opportunities in the procurement market. Two sales-focused Divisions exist – Business Intelligence, which focuses primarily on the private sector market, and Global Services, which focuses primarily on the public sector market. These Divisions are supported by Central Services, which provides Finance, Human Resources and IT capabilities.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create lasting economic and social benefit through the provision of innovative solutions that drive competition in supply chains


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