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BiP Solutions’ public sector clients represent all levels of government in the UK, from central departments through to local, health and education authorities and a wide range of other governmental bodies.

Each has turned to BiP for its expertise and experience in optimising supply chain value, thereby ensuring greater levels of efficiency, compliance and supplier engagement. As the effectiveness of the commissioning and procurement of public sector services intensifies, so does demand for services which provide transparency, auditability and added value. BiP, through its portfolio of eSourcing, buyer and supplier engagement and capacity building solutions, is perfectly placed to satisfy this demand.innovative marketing solutions


  • Capacity Building
  • eProcurement
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Supplier Enablement
  • Training

BiP's expertise has also been recognised outside of the UK. Governments and other public sector agencies in Europe and beyond have engaged with BiP to deliver a range of services, from consultancy through to the design and build of procurement portals.

BiP's client list includes:

(formerly the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister)
Provision of eTendering services.

A pan-European study on the requirements for an electronic defence equipment marketplace for the European Defence Agency (EDA). This involved in-country engagement with defence departments, suppliers and supplier organisations from EU Member States to establish and report on their views and issues. The findings from the BiP study were then used in the shaping of future strategy by the EDA.

Design and management of the Crime Reduction Centre website
Provision of an information sharing portal.

World Bank financed project for the provision of procurement monitoring agent services.

Delivery of key elements of a two-year, EU funded, programme aimed at building public procurement capacity in Kosovo, and assisting in the development of public procurement systems that are compliant with the EU Directives.

BiP procurement consultants delivered an initial three-month phase of a performance assessment for the Public Procurement Bureau (PPB) in the Macedonian capital of Skopje. The project was funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Delivery of key elements of a 20-month, EU funded project, entitled 'Further development and strengthening of the public procurement system in Montenegro'.

Provision of the MOD Defence Contracts Online(MOD DCO) contracts portal, the MOD DCO eNotice service and associated buyer and supplier engagement activities.

North West Fire and Rescue
Design and delivery of a procurement portal for a consortium of Cheshire Fire Service, Lancashire Fire Service, Greater Manchester Fire Service and Merseyside Fire Service.

Delivery of a pan-London procurement portal, publicising contracting opportunities with London Boroughs and agencies such as Transport for London, the London Development Agency, the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, the Metropolitan Police and NHS bodies.

Provision of events management services.

Contract to host the Scottish Government's National Public Procurement Conference from 2010 to 2013, together with associated events.

Developing sales of procurement-related publications and related information services.

Provision of eTendering portal for the UAE Armed Forces General Headquarters.


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