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BiP believes that it has a duty to contribute to society, both in the UK and overseas. We are a Scottish business that operates across the whole of the UK and increasingly in Europe, Africa and other regions of the world. Our staff come from the areas local to our Glasgow HQ and London office, but also the rest of the UK and abroad. As such, we believe in adopting a ‘Home and Away’ approach to supporting charities. In the last 5 years BiP have donated over £200,000 to homae and away chatritiesit innovative solutions

The charities and causes we support don’t tend to be high-profile or well-funded; instead we prefer to support organisations and groups where donations and fund-raising initiatives can make a tangible difference. BiP’s staff are heavily involved in our charity work – helping to choose which causes we support and taking part in a wide range of activities to raise funds. BiP acknowledges the role its customers play in helping us to support good causes. As a business, we are focused on delivering revenue growth and profit; however, these are not seen as an end in themselves. All transactions, whether with our public or private sector customers, enable us to help fund important social initiatives. We thank our customers for the contribution they allow us to make to such causes.

While the current economic climate makes fund-raising more difficult, BiP remains committed to helping those individuals less fortunate than most.

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